We are excited to welcome you to ANALYTCA, your one stop source for Crypto related News, Learning, Contests, Airdrop (Coming soon), and Social Media.

This site is designed with the goal becoming a community of individuals interested in Blockchain and Cryptos.  Users ranging from the curious individuals who just want to read Crypto and Blockchain News and learn about what they are all about to the most experienced Crypto miners, traders, and enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoy our key site features, which include:

Buzz: This is our news section where we share the most relevant articles related to the Blockchain and Crypto community.

Academy: The best Crypto / Blockchain related courses available.

Howdy: Our Social Media hub which has features allowing you to create your own groups, post to your own / friend’s news feeds, add friends, pictures etc.

Contests: We aim to bring you loads of fun and valuable contests.  We begin with a slogan Contest for DINERO, click here to read more details.  You get 50 DINERO Coins simply for submitting a slogan idea, chances to win additional DINERO each day you return and cast your vote, as well as the grand prize of loads of DINERO’s for the winners!

Surveys: Coming Soon. Surveys will be available for completion and you will be rewarded!

Airdrop: Coming Soon. Many of you will be looking forward to this feature.  We will do the work of vetting out as many of the Airdrops that are a waste of your time as possible and provide you with the best ones available.

Forums: We all know what Forums are for.

Our FAQ page can be found here.


So come on in and get comfortable with all our site features. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions / feedback, please drop us a note on the forum here, or to our support email here.


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