ANALYTCA Private Release

We are excited to announce the private release of ANALYTCA, a Social Hub and a peer-to-peer Educational Platform for Blockchain Technology.

This site is designed to support the demand for information and services for everyone ranging from crypto traders, miners, to anyone that is simply curious to learn about cryptos. We aim to be the largest P2P Blockchain Educational Platform out there.

The main features for current release include:

  • Overall Brand Design
  • RSS Feed (Our advanced news search function gathers top new news from 73+ reputable sources around the world.)
  • Vendor Registration Platform (Multi-Vendor Setup)
  • ANALYTCA Academy (Udemy for Blockchain where you can register for and begin taking courses right away)
  • Intuitive Online Learning Platform to build courses as an Instructor
  • Crypto Market Cap Stats
  • Forums
  • Howdy (Our social media hub)

As a trusted experienced person in crypto market, you are invited to test the website. We are eager to have your feedback on this version. All comments would be considered/implemented in beta version.

To access Private Release for ANALYTCA Platform, please create an account in the address below and ping me with your user name so, I would give you access to the private forum channel to start the discussion there.


Ehsan Salarikhaniki


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